Monday, April 5, 2021

BeeHome Nail brush, plastic

 BeeHome Nail brush, plastic

Do you want a high-quality Hand and Nail Brush?

- Nylon brushes quickly remove dust resulting from nail filing;

- The rigid material of the product ensures a long-term use no matter how much it is requested;

- The wide and robust handle protects the hands from possible slips during brushing;

- The handle has a slight curve inside for convenience during handling.

Product Maintenance Details:

- It is recommended to clean and sanitize the brush after each use to avoid the accumulation and future transmission of bacteria;

- Let it soak in warm water before starting the disinfection procedure;

- Not to be used for purposes other than those mentioned;

- Keep in a safe place, away from the sun and preferably away from contact with other sanitation products.

Do you want a handy and uncomplicated solution to keep your hands always beautiful?

Buy now the nail brush with a handle that should not be missing from any cosmetic kit!


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