Monday, July 26, 2021

Toilet gel with bleach Pine 1L Yplon

 A thick cleaning-disinfecting-whitening gel with a pine scent, which perfectly cleans, eliminates bacteria and fungi, whitens, and removes stains. 5-in-1 effect: kills germs; cleans; whitens; provides long-lasting freshness; disinfects. Characteristics: Purpose: for the toilet Type: gel Volume: 1000 ml Aroma: pine Manufacturer: Yplon How to use: Apply toilets evenly on the edge of the toilet (you can leave it overnight), rinse Bathtubs, washbasins, sinks - apply evenly to the surface you want to clean, after about 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly Whitening white fabrics - dilute 50 ml of liquid in 10 liters of cold water, soak the cloth for 45 minutes, then rinse well If leaving overnight - dissolve 25 ml of liquid in 10 liters of cold water


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