Monday, November 15, 2021

Dishwashing Sponge Anna Zaradna AZGB-4385 10 pcs

 Dishwashing Sponge Anna Zaradna AZGB-4385 10 pcs

For cleaning and rinsing large surfaces, use the Anna Zaradna double scouring sponges made of absorbent foam and durable fiber.

  When washing the soft side of the sponge, and when you want to scrub something thoroughly, turn the sponge on its side with a thick fiber, thanks to which you can easily remove tough dirt.

Practical advice from Anna Zaradne.

  To prevent the growth of bacteria that accumulate on the dishwashing sponges, remember to remove any food residues from the sponge after each use, rinse it thoroughly under running water and let it dry. you can also use two sponges at the same time - so that there is always one dry handy. if the dishes or cutlery prepared for washing are very greasy, first wipe them with a paper towel and then wash them with a sponge.


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