Tuesday, December 28, 2021

RP WOOD against mold and bruising 500ml (spray)

 Anti-mold and anti-bluing agent with bleaching effect.

For interiors and exteriors

Fungicide and disinfectant for removing mold and bruising. Especially in households, especially from baths and sinks in bathrooms, from cladding, cladding joints, tiles, timber, it is also suitable for medical and catering establishments.

Attention! Do not use with other products. This can cause the release of dangerous gases (chlorine).

Disposal of packaging: Dispose of empty packaging and packaging with the residual product at a designated hazardous waste disposal site.

Instructions for use:  Do not clean the mold before applying the product to prevent harmful spores from coming into contact with the surface! Spray the infected areas from a distance of approximately 5 cm-10 cm and after 20 minutes rinse with water or allow the product to dry. If the mold is strong, this process must be repeated. After use, unscrew the mechanical spray and rinse with water.


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