Sunday, November 25, 2018

I have not posting in a while. I have accumulated empty bottles, packages of household and body care/beauty products.
In this post I will be just adding body care products we have finished using. There will be 5 of them.

This first product is VAGISAN Intimate Wash Lotion for Your Personal Hygiene. I am buying this product constantly. My gynecologist suggested this product when I was pregnant with my kid, 12 years ago. Before that I was using ph neutral soap, but it still irritated  my skin. 12 years ago it was under different name. It used to be Gynosan Intimate Wash Lotion. I have no clue, why they changed the Gyno with Vagi. I replaced the cap with push down squeezer and it now lasts longer, as I always squeeze out equal amount of the gel.
You can get yours in

The other product, my kid used was Prokudent Junior Mouthwash Wildberry flavor. I do not have a review on that, because I did not use this at all. I am always forgetting to use the mouthwash after brushing my teeth.

Next product I did not like. It was PETITE MAISON PEONY DREAM HAND WASH. The smell of product was too intense and the squeezer did not work smoothly. My kid even hit his hand on the sink while squeezing them out. I have noticed that our supermarket is selling out this brand as they do have a lot of shower gels and body lotions on clearance.

Shower gel my kid finished. Seal Shower gel GINGER. I do not have link as manufacturer discontinued that item and the product page says SORRY.  I have that product previously and I liked it.
And now, here is my favourite hair products manufacturer. Margarita. I just love their eco products. I have finished Margarita Shampoo with Sage Extract Anti-Dandruff. I already replaced it with Margarita Nettle shampoo.

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