Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Reserved Quilted jacket with hood

 Quilted jacket with hood

  • long sleeves
  • zipper closure
  • two zipped pockets


It is a synthetic fabric made from plastic bottles (PET), as well as post-consumer recycled plastic waste. Selected waste is recycled to obtain new, high-quality fibers. By using recycled textiles, we reduce the amount of waste and use a smaller volume of water, energy, and natural resources compared to a conventional production process. The recycled fibers used to make the models in the Eco-Aware collection are certified by independent institutions in accordance with the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) or Global Recycled Standard (GRS). We verify each certification and compile all documentation approving the compliance of the fabric with our regulations.

For some time now, our company has been developing in a more balanced way. As we use a growing amount of sustainable raw materials from certified sources and implement environmentally friendly technologies in our garment manufacturing processes, we are able to consistently reduce the environmental impact of our products.

The Eco-Aware collection is our answer to climate and environmental challenges, but it is only one of the key initiatives we have been involved in for years. True to our “For People For Our Planet” sustainable development strategy, we are committed to increasing the overall share of our collection’s eco-friendly collections, and strive to ensure chemical safety. to avoid the use of non-recyclable plastic packaging and implement environmentally friendly solutions on-premises and points of sale.

We have set ambitious and measurable goals. For example, by 2025, we want to:

  •     we increase to 50% the share of the Eco-Aware collection in the Reserved clothing selection;
  •     we work with packaging made of 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic.

If you choose items from the Eco-Aware collection, you help protect our planet and help us build a more sustainable fashion world.


100% of the boxes used for online order deliveries are made of recycled paper. We no longer use outer foils at all in the packaging process. Our cardboard boxes are certified by independent international organizations: RESY (for reusable boxes) and FSC guarantee that the packaging has been manufactured by verified entities, which pay special attention to the protection of forests and their biodiversity. The cardboard boxes used to deliver online orders can be closed in two ways, making them reusable. If you want to return the purchased items, we encourage you to reuse the packaging in which they were originally delivered.

Learn more about our sustainable development strategy: https://www.lppsa.com/en/sustainable-development


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