Saturday, April 16, 2022

Whiskas 1+ years Complete food stew in jelly with beef 85 g

 Whiskas 1+ years Complete food stew in jelly with beef 85 g

With optimal levels of vitamins and minerals to help your cat live a healthy and happy life. No artificial colorants or preservatives.

Developed by Waltham Nutritionists and Vets.
Waltham is a global authority in the field of pet care and nutrition

63 kcal 85 g


Recommended daily amount of food

Only 3 kg sachets / 2½

Only 4 kg sachets / 3½

Only 5 kg sachets / 4

Pouch + Dry food 3 kg / 2 + 15 g

Pouch + Dry food 4 kg / 2½ + 15 g

Pouch + Dry food 5 kg / 3 + 15 g

We recommend feeding both Whiskas wet food and dry food.

Feeding method: Take into account the transition period and adjust the amount of food to the cat's needs. For overweight cats, reduce the amount per day. As? Visit our website or call our hotline. Provide drinking water. Serve the food at room temperature. Refrigerate the unused portion for up to 2 days.


  • meat and animal products (22%, including 4% beef)
  • vegetable protein extracts
  • sugars
  • mineral substances


Package size: 85 g Average measure (e)

Numeric Dimension: 85

Type of packaging: Sachet


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