Monday, June 13, 2022

Gourmet Gold Rabbit And Liver 85g

 Wet food for adult cats, double enjoyment with rabbit and liver.  

GOURMET Gold is a collection of golden aromas and textures, such as French terine, pate, soft meatballs and other luxurious dishes that even the most demanding cat will not handle.

Ingredients: meat and offal (including rabbits, liver), vegetable protein extract, cereals, fish and fish products, sugar, minerals.  

Added substances: IU / kg: Vitamin A: 1540; Vitamin D3: 240 mg / kg: iron: 10.5; iodine: 0.3; copper: 0.9; Manganese: 2.1; zinc: 10.5.  

Guaranteed values: moisture 81.5%, protein 10%, fat 3.0%, crude ash 2.0%, crude fiber 0.5%.


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