Thursday, June 16, 2022

Sheba Creamy Snacks, creamy cat treats with 3 flavours, 6 bags each, 18 x 12 g


FlavourHuhn, Rind und Käse
Item FormSnack
Breed recommendationAlle Rassengrößen
Specific UsesWeight control

About this item

  • Resistance is futile: A special cat snack as a treat. Comes in seasonally changing flavours in soft consistency, in a convenient stick.
  • The multi-pack contains 18 portions of 12 g each in a seasonal flavour. Suitable for additional feeding: Up to one bag daily.
  • The creamy snack can be easily squeezed up so that the cat can lick the paste directly from your hand - for more moments together.
  • A special luxury: The cat snacks can also be used as treats - not to exceed one bag per day. Water should be available.
  • Box contents: 1 pack of 18 x 12 g Sheba Creamy Snacks. Pack with cat treats in recommended seasonal flavour. Also available in the flavours are salmon, chicken and beef.
  • 4008429119798

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