Friday, August 26, 2022

Drops Beaphar Immo Shield Line-on for Cats antiparasitic with dimethicone for cats and kittens 3 pipettes

 IMMO Shield Line-on - drops for cats over 12 weeks of age to combat parasites.

The composition of the drops includes dimethicone, which forms a surface layer that acts as a sticky trap. Fleas, ticks, and other insects are immobilized by physical locking of the joints and blockage of the spiracles. Dimethicone acts on all life stages of fleas. Does not contain chemical insecticides.

Ingredients: dimethicone 474 g/l, aloe vera 5 g/l, fragrance 10 g/l.

Directions for use
Apply the contents of one pipette to the intact skin of the back of the animal, from the neck to the tail, avoiding contact with the eyes and nose of the animal. It is recommended to re-treat the animal every four weeks or after washing. Use for cats over 12 weeks of age. For external use only! Do not apply to damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes, otherwise, rinse immediately with water. Do not use the drug during pregnancy and lactation.


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