Saturday, October 29, 2022

Air freshener Clinex Air Plus Fresh Breeze 650ml

 Air freshener Clinex Air Plus Fresh Breeze 650ml

Fragrance without allergens!

Product properties

Ready-to-use air freshener. A recipe based on an allergen-free composition. Safe to use. Thanks to the revolutionary formula, the product refreshes the air quickly and effectively, as well as neutralizes unpleasant odors. Product with excellent usable performance (over 500 single applications).


For air refreshment and neutralization of unpleasant odors.

Usage method

Shake well before use. Depending on the expected deodorization result, the size of the room, and the intensity of ventilation, it is recommended to spray from 1 to 5.

In sanitary rooms, spray the preparation behind the toilet bowl, urinal, and in other cases in the corners of the room, by the floor. Spray onto washable surfaces, not into the air.

Long-term use on glossy plastic surfaces may cause their tarnishing.


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