Saturday, October 29, 2022


 Silicone decorator (sleeve) by Tiross TS-1409 For lovers of sweet pastries, Tiross has prepared a silicone sleeve for cake decorations. It is a practical piece of equipment in every kitchen, where cakes, pies, cupcakes, desserts, and other sweet pastries are decorated. Thanks to the three tips with holes of different shapes, you can create individual decorative elements or wonderful compositions. Product features: The sleeve is made of non-toxic silicone and Includes 3 different tips made of plastic The product is suitable for the dishwasher Always returns to its original shape Does not change the nutritional value and taste Length of the sleeve: 27cm Length of the tip: 4cm Diameter of the upper part: 13cm Thanks to the silicone sleeve for decoration with 3 tips Your baked goods will become sweet works of art at the same time arousing the admiration of household members and guests. The cakes will become richer, cookies will become more charming and even a simple pudding or jelly will turn into an exquisite dessert - just decorate them with a cone of whipped cream squeezed from the sleeve for decoration. The sleeve, thanks to its dimensions, allows you to fill it with a large amount of any mass. inside, the mass does not stick to the sleeve walls, which prevents it from clogging up. It is thanks to the high-quality silicone that was used in the production of this kitchen item. Silicone is perfect for filling it with food products. It does not affect the taste and smell of the food mass, nor does it take on the smell of the ingredients with which it is filled. It is flexible and resistant to stretching and easy to clean. So if you prepare cakes in your home kitchen, such kitchen accessories for baking as the presented decoration sleeve should be included in its accessories.ORANGE


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