Monday, November 7, 2022

Bulb EMOS CLS GU10 8,4W WW ZQ8370

 EMOS LED CLS GU10 9W WW ZQ8370 bulb

A modern and at the same time very economical LED light source with glass with a diameter of 50mm. The basic car of this bulb is the fact that it consumes 10 times less energy than traditional light bulbs, and its lifetime is 50 times longer. It is characterized by high energy savings of up to 90%. The advantage is also lower heat emission, thanks to which it does not heat up the illuminated objects. This is directly related to energy efficiency. The less energy is converted into heat, the more efficient the light is. 

  • The highest energy savings
  • Modern LED technology
  • Long service life

Technical data:

  • developer: EMOS
  • Model: ZQ8370
  • series: LED CLS
  • supply voltage: ~ 240V / 50 Hz
  • handle: GU10
  • shape: MR16
  • color temperature: 3000K (warm white)
  • power: 9W
  • the equivalent of an ordinary light bulb: 60W
  • luminous flux: 806lm
  • luminous efficacy: 90lm / W
  • beam angle: 120 °
  • lifetime: 30,000h
  • power factor:> 0.5
  • color rendering index Ra:> 80
  • non-dimmable
  • LED quantity: 15
  • LED chip: 2835
  • number of on/off cycles: 25,000
  • mercury content: 0mg
  • ignition time: 0.1s / 100%
  • energy class: A + 9kWh / 1000h
  • packaging: box
  • warranty period: 3 years
  • dimensions: 50 x 57mm
  • 8592920084601

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