Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Innocent Wife: A Novel

 The Innocent Wife: A Novel

Twenty years ago, Dennis Denson was sentenced to life for the brutal murder of a young girl. Due to unclear evidence, many believe the man is innocent and is fighting for his release. Samantha also unquestioningly believes in Denis's innocence: a personal correspondence develops between the two, which turns into love and hasty marriage.

As a result of a successful public campaign, Denis is released from prison. Samantha's dream has come true: her beloved husband will be with her daily. However, reality gradually shatters the woman's idealized image of Denis. Samantha begins to balance the fragile border between love and fear, trust and doubt. Is her husband really not who he pretends to be?

Is Samantha happy in her new relationship/family life?

What connects Dennis, Lindsey, and Howard?

Reading the prologue, I understood that the book would be interesting and exciting. Something, but a little short of five stars.

When Howard appeared toward the end of the book, I began to sense that he was somehow involved in the case of the missing girls.



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