Monday, June 12, 2023

Diego Dalla Palma Makeupstudio Zero Dark Circles Imperfections Concealer 8ml Light Beige

 Achieve a flawless makeup look with Diego Dalla Palma Makeupstudio Zero Dark Circles Imperfections Concealer, a high-coverage corrective formula that conceals blemishes and signs of fatigue.

Gliding effortlessly onto the skin, the professional, long-lasting concealer utilizes Flex Film Technology which adheres to the skin, creating a homogeneous and elastic film that camouflages imperfections, while creating a protective barrier to shield delicate skin. Infused with a host of active ingredients, including extracts of Breton Algae and Gold Chamomile, the concealer expertly corrects and brightens the appearance of the skin, targeting bags, dark circles, and blemishes, while strengthening skin's resistance. 

Delivers a soft focus, and luminous finish, creates a 'zero' imperfections effect, and promotes brighter, well-rested-looking peepers.

Free from parabens and perfume.

Made in Italy.


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