Saturday, September 23, 2023


Say goodbye to tough kitchen grime effortlessly with our Kitchen Cleaner Soaked in Soap. This set of 6 cleaning marvels is the ultimate solution for heavily dirty surfaces, and the best part – they don't require any additional detergents!

🧽 Efficient Cleaning, No Extra Detergents 🧽 Our kitchen cleaners are soaked in soap, making them incredibly effective at tackling even the most stubborn dirt. You won't need to use additional detergents, saving you time and effort.

🍳 Perfect for Heavily Soiled Surfaces 🍳 These cleaning wonders are ideal for heavily dirty surfaces, whether it's burnt-on residue, dried-on grime, or stubborn stains. They are gentle on surfaces, so you can confidently use them on pans, pots, and more.

🔄 Scratch-Free Cleaning 🔄 Don't worry about scratches on your kitchenware or surfaces. Our cleaners are designed to leave no scratches behind, ensuring your belongings remain pristine.

📦 Product Parameters:

  • Product EAN Code: 5903355008804
  • Product Weight with Unit Packaging: 0.067 kg
  • Product Size with Unit Packaging: 70 x 130 x 70 mm
  • Product Size Without Individual Packaging: 65 x 60 x 90 mm

📦 Bulk Packaging:

  • Quantity in Collective Packaging: 144 pcs.
  • Gross Weight of Collective Packaging: 9.648 kg
  • Net Weight of Collective Packaging: 9.216 kg
  • Dimensions of the Master Carton: 410 x 385 x 385 mm
  • Volume of the Master Carton: 0.061 m³

Experience the ease of efficient, soap-soaked cleaning with our Kitchen Cleaner Set. Whether you're tackling kitchen messes at home or on-the-go during trips, these cleaners have got you covered. Order now and enjoy spotless, scratch-free results!

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