Saturday, September 23, 2023


 Tackle household and garden tasks with confidence, knowing your hands are protected by Azur Rubber Gloves in size M. These versatile gloves are your essential companion for a wide range of chores, shielding your skin from water, detergents, dirt, and more.

🧤 Universal Protection 🧤 Azur Rubber Gloves in size M are designed for all types of work around the house and garden. Whether you're doing dishes, gardening, or cleaning, these gloves provide an effective barrier against various substances, keeping your hands clean and dry.

🌊 Skin-Friendly Shield 🌊 Say goodbye to skin irritation. These gloves are carefully crafted to ensure they do not cause any discomfort or skin issues, even with extended use. Your hands remain protected without compromise.

💪 Durability That Lasts 💪 Crafted from robust materials, these size M gloves are built to withstand the rigors of everyday chores. They won't tear or wear out easily, ensuring they remain a dependable companion for your household tasks.

📦 Product Parameters:

  • Product EAN Code: 5903355006008
  • Product Weight with Unit Packaging: 0.037 kg
  • Product Size with Unit Packaging: 150 x 270 x 10 mm
  • Product Size Without Individual Packaging: 140 x 10 x 270 mm

📦 Bulk Packaging:

  • Quantity in Collective Packaging: 144 pcs.
  • Gross Weight of Collective Packaging: 5.328 kg
  • Net Weight of Collective Packaging: 4.752 kg
  • Dimensions of the Master Carton: 390 x 260 x 200 mm
  • Volume of the Master Carton: 0.02 m³

Azur Rubber Gloves in size M are the reliable choice for safeguarding your hands during household and gardening tasks. Order now and experience the convenience, protection, and durability they offer for your daily chores.

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