Saturday, June 10, 2023

IAMS Delights Kitten Wet Food - Multipack Cat Food with Chicken in Sauce, High-Quality Food for Junior Kittens from 1-12 Months, 12 x 85g

FlavourChicken in Sauce
Age range (description)Baby
Target speciesCat
Item formNassfutter

About this item

  • High-quality wet food for kittens aged 1 - 12 months with delicious chicken - no artificial colours, aromas or fillers as well as GMOs
  • The Kitten cat food in sauce contains all the nutrients for a healthy, species-appropriate diet for junior cats and contains only animal proteins from meat
  • The high-quality animal proteins of the feed promote muscle building of the kitten and essential minerals support the development of strong bones
  • The kitten food helps support the kitten's strong immune system and the taurine contained in the food promotes a healthy heart and vision
  • Box contents: IAMS Delights kitten cat food with 12 x 85 g wet food in sauce in the flavour variety chicken
  • EAN: 8710255100463

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