Sunday, June 11, 2023

ICONFIT Diet Shake - Vanilla cocktail , 495 g

 ICONFIT Diet Shake helps you lose weight with tasty and balanced meal replacement shakes. Each shake is high in protein and fiber, collagen, green tea extract to support fat burning, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Only 210kcal shakes keep you feeling full and pleasant and help keep your daily calorie intake low.

  • High in protein (over 27%) and high in fiber (over 7%) and low in calories (only 208-211 kcal for a cocktail). Replace part of your daily heavier food with light diet cocktails.
  • The easiest and most enjoyable way to lose or maintain weight. There are four flavors to choose from and shakes are especially easy to prepare. Mix in a shaker with water and enjoy!
  • CLA and green tea extract are added to support fat burning. Keeps you feeling full for hours while keeping your daily calorie intake low.
  • Collagen, however, supports skin, hair, and joints. If you drink at least 3 diet cocktails a day, you will also get the necessary 10g of collagen.
  • The prebiotic fiber inulin promotes digestion, and micronutrients can be added from 23 different vitamins and minerals.
  • Also great for just a quick and easy meal both in the morning and in the middle of a busy day at work.
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