Monday, July 10, 2023

4× Wet food for cats Tropi mix of flavors 1.2 kg

 Complete food for adult cats of all breeds, providing all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body, as well as functional additives. Thanks to an appropriately selected recipe, the food is not only appetizing but also cares for your pet's health and energy. The food does not contain preservatives. It is an economical meal for your pet, at an attractive price and acceptable quality.


meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (including 4% poultry and 4% salmon / 4% poultry and 4% game / 4% beef / 4% poultry), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, and sugars.

Analytical components:  moisture 81.5%, crude protein 8%, crude fat 4.5%, crude ash 2.5%, natural fiber 0.3%, taurine 200mg.

The carton contains sachets in 4 flavors:

  • 3x pieces in sauce with poultry and salmon 100g
  • 3x pieces in sauce with poultry and venison 100g
  • 3x pieces in sauce with beef 100g
  • 3x pieces in sauce with poultry 100g

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