Tuesday, April 2, 2019

As I do have lot of things to do, I did not pay attention to my blog recently. I have accumulated a lot of empty boxes, bottles and packagings from products I finished using. Two of them expired and I did not finish using them. I will start with expired products.

Sunscreen for sunburn Pure Line 30 SPF 200 ml. I bought it when I had a sunburn last year. I think I used it only once.  This is discontinued by manufacturer.

SuperFresh Wet Wipes Breeze 15pcs. these was a free gift when I bought Sunscreen I mentioned above. Expired. I think I did not like them if I did not run out of these.
Producing countryUkraine
Amount in a package15 (pieces)

TOILET PAPER WHITE TM "PAPIA" (PAPIA), 12 PCS. I have review in one of my older blog posts. This is only the bigger package.

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