Sunday, December 19, 2021

Cementing sand for cat toilet - CatSil, 10 L

 Cementing sand for cat toilet - CatSil, 10 L.

  • Made of bentonite - natural clay;
  • The sand hardens on contact with urine, so odors and moisture are perfectly absorbed;
  • The sand has a low dust level.

Use of:

  1. Pour the sand into the cat's toilet in a 6 cm thick layer.
  2. Remove stools and lumps of urine daily.
  3. Restore the required amount of sand in the cat box.
  4. The sand does not need to be completely replaced - it retains all its hygienic properties until it is used.
  5. If there is an underfloor heating system, it is recommended to place insulation material under the cat's toilet.
  6. If your cat doesn't like the new sand at first, it can be mixed with the previous litter and gradually switched to CatSil sand.

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