Monday, January 3, 2022

YORK BACTERIA STOP scrubbing dish sponge 5pcs

 The innovative YORK BACTERIA STOP scrubber dishwasher is a solution for both home use and professional kitchens, where many dishes have to be washed every day. The two sides of the scourer allow you to clean delicate surfaces as well as those that require scrubbing and removing burdensome, dried-on residues and dirt.

The BACTERIA STOP dishwasher is manufactured with an antibacterial formula that effectively reduces the growth of microorganisms on its surface. In a humid kitchen environment, it is not difficult for bacteria to grow, therefore the BACTERIA STOP formula prevents the migration of dangerous microorganisms and their multiplication.

Antibacterial formula BACTERIA STOP

The YORK scouring pad has the BACTERIA STOP formula, which uses zinc microparticles. The product tested by an accredited research laboratory shows strong antibacterial properties. The tests were carried out by the ISO 20743 standard.

The dishwasher, therefore, guarantees effective washing of the dishes while maintaining proper hygienic conditions.

On the other hand, the two sides of the dishwasher ensure convenient use depending on the needs. The soft and porous sponge has good foaming properties, so you can achieve very good washing results even with a small amount of washing-up liquid.

Economical consumption of detergents is not only an economic advantage but also has a positive impact on the natural environment.

Durable and versatile

The rough surface of the YORK scourer is perfect for cleaning stubborn dirt that is difficult to wash off. You can also intensively clean scratch-resistant surfaces with it. Durable scourers made of high-quality materials do not crumble and will be used for washing many dishes.

The ergonomic shape of the sponge ensures a stable hold of the dishwasher while washing dishes and the possibility of using it to wash items of various shapes and sizes.

BACTERIA STOP scourers are perfect both for washing dishes and for cleaning various surfaces. You can use them to clean the dirt on the kitchen counter or in the sink.

The rectangular shape and dimensions of 9x6x3 centimeters ensure comfortable cleaning also on a flat surface.

A large package of scourers will last a long time and you can use it any way you want, wherever you need a soft sponge for gentle washing and a sharper material for scrubbing dirt and debris.

Modern kitchen

The gray and blue BACTERIA STOP dishwasher is available in a characteristic color version that dominates the YORK BACTERIA STOP product line.

We offer, among others, antibacterial brushes for washing dishes or table brooms in these colors, thanks to which you can complete a modern and functional set of home cleaning accessories.


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