Friday, December 14, 2018

This evening I felt really tired, but I am not asleep jet. Then the idea of a blog post came in my mind.
And again, there will be part one and part two. As usual body/health products and then in other part will be household products.
I will start with two products that expired.
UNIFARMA HERBALS DERMASEPTIC CREAM 20G this was recommended by pharmacist when my kid injured his knee and was bleeding a lot. After we cleaned the wound we used it under the large band aid pad as a healing cream.  When pharmacist recommended this cream, I thought it would cost a lot of money, but to my surprise it was only 1.17 EUR.
This tube that expired was not used, because the one we used I gave to my neighbour who had injured her arm when working in a garden. I recommended her to go to ER cause the wound seemed very big. I do not know if she went to see the specialist or not. I never asked. But the next week she gave me a new tube of this cream and we have not used it since. Actually, the pharmacist told it can be used as an ordinary hand and feet cream too as it helps with dry skin.

Pharma Market elastic band aid.  I am not sure if we have used them all, but I saw the box says these was expired.There were two left and I placed them in different box. I use band aids a lot, because I work in a shop and regularly wound my palms.  The issue is, I do not know how I get my hand and palms injured, I just notice some bleeding after.
These band aids was very good as they are elastic and even stays in place after the hands are washed. I bought them in my local grocery store. I bought new package of band aids on clearance. This time they are Matopat Transparent Plasters. there are 5 shapes and 20 pieces in total.

And now on the products we have finished.

Natura Siberica Volumizing and Balancing Conditioner for Oily Hair, 400 ml I love these products. Not Only hair, but other products too. Sadly I do not have Natura Siberica products in my shop anymore, but they do have their own shop in nearest city. I can buy it every time I am in that city.
Natura Siberica aims to bring positive changes in lives of native people of Siberia. We pay premium prices for wild manually harvested herbs and plants in order to support small siberian tribes. Just by choosing one of our products you are helping Siberian natives, their families and their surrounding communities.

On this bottle there is a small picture of Nanai tribe inhabitant. The tribe population is 12160 people.

Westlab Soothing Shower Wash, 400ml. Thos was used by my kid, but he told that he did not like the ''salty'' feeling. He is now using other from Westlab and told he likes the new one much better.

iWhite Instant Active Teeth Whitening Toothpaste with Triple Action for Teeth Whitening, Stain Removal, and Enamel Restoration (75ml) the first day I started using this toothpaste, I did not like the flavour of it, but I got used to it really fast. No, I did not get my teeth whiter, but at least it made my breath smell nice.

That's all for my body care products right now. I think I will run out of my hand soap in my kithen soon, but that is for some next reviews.

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